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We now offer the quickest way to send money from Canada to the Philippines - straight from your ipayDNA! Send your first transfer in less than 5 minutes.

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Unbeatable Rates

ipayDNA offer uneatable rates in co-operation with the biggest banks in Canada and the Philippines.

Fast & Secure

All of our products uses our proprietary encryption technology, so we can guarantee every transfer 100%.

Low Fees

Our competitors offer the "lowest fees" but they always decline to include us in their comparision, you be the judge!

Remittance - the easy way.

If you've never sent money abroad before or you're just tired of jumping through all the regular hoops then you will love ipayDNA. It's just simpler.

Easy Options

Our process simply couldnt be easier, spend time caring about your loved ones, not worrying about overpaying or having problems with online money transfers.


If you have any questions simply reach out to our helpful support team. We'll also keep you updated from the moment you send your transfer.

Pick your preferred way of sending money

We work with most banks in both Canada and the Philippines, simply pick which one you want to send to. We also offer in-person delivery if that fits you better. Just like that.

Recurring Transfers

You can send a one-time transfer or setup recurring transfers and save on fees!


If your recipient can't make it to the bank we offer in-person delivery of cash in the Philippines.


When you prepare your transfer we will give you a guaranteed timeframe for delivery with a money-back guarantee.

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